Annika started yoga several years ago when she had stress-related sleeping problems and fell in love with it immediately. Since, she has been practising different styles and been deepening her own practice through workshops and classes with different teachers in London.

In 2019, she decided to follow her passion and travel to India to become a certified Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher at a renowned school called Sampoorna which is registered with the Yoga Alliance UK and US. After that, she continued to travel, teach yoga, practise meditation, and learn more about yoga and Indian spirituality.

Coming from a psychology background, she is especially interested in making yoga a holistic experience that goes beyond physical exercise and postures. Instead, she always tries to maintain a balance between dynamic and fluid movements, aligned breathing, and mindfulness. In this way, yoga has the power to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression – mental health issues that have been on a drastic rise in our performance-driven culture.

Although she appreciates the focus, effort, and discipline that yoga requires, she always tries to make her classes accessible for everyone and to integrate some playfulness in it. This way, every student can fit their practise to their individual abilities and needs in that specific moment. Her Vinyasa classes include some elements of Ashtanga and move from slow to more dynamic and powerful, depending on the class and students.