Ladies & gentlemen, the Impromptu Speech session is to to challenge members to develop our impromptu communications skills, to effectively “think on our own feet” by answering unrehearsed questions. We also want to give every member the opportunity to speak at each meeting.

Table Topics is specifically designed to develop four essential communications skills:

  • Listening
  • Organizing
  • Thinking
  • Speaking

You may answer the questions between 1 – 2 min and I suggest all of us try to speak up to 2 min. You will see a Green signal after 1 minute, a Yellow signal at 1:30, and a Red signal at two (2) minutes.

I also strongly encourage you to use the word of the day xxx as shared by our Grammarian earlier on.

As I conduct the Impromptu Speech session, I will ask the question first, and then I will call on someone to respond. This way everybody listens and everyone starts thinking of a response. Remember, you should give your answer in ONE to TWO Minutes. You can think of an answer before beginning, and you do not need to tell the truth.

My Question is xxx and this question will go to xxx.

[Impromptu Speaker speaks]

Thank you xxx

My next question is xxx and this question will go to xxx.

[Note: Repeat each question. Give each person a different question. Keep notes on who participates and what question is asked.]

[After the last speaker]

Let’s invite our timer to give us the report for each speaker please, let’s welcome xxx.

[Timer’s reporting]

Now let’s welcome our Impromptu Speech evaluator to give his/her report. Xxx please.

[Impromptu Speech evaluation]

Thank you xxx. Now I would like to invite everyone to vote for the Best Impromptu Speech speaker. Please send your vote via private message to xxx. Let me repeat who were the speakers with the question just now. [read out the names follow by brief questions that have been asked]

Thank you for everyone and I hope you enjoy the Impromptu Speech session tonight. Now I would like to pass this space back to xxx.