CUKRUN (Chinese: 跑动英伦) is a Chinese running member club based in London, the United Kingdom , with members from across the UK and from China and the United States. It was founded in August 2016 by Yizhou He, an insurance actuary. The club is the largest Chinese running club in the UK with more than 400 registered members.


Unable to find a running club for Chinese professionals in London, Yizhou He started an informal WeChat group for organising lunch runs in the City of London, where Yizhou works. As more runners joined in, Yizhou organised a number of running events among Chinese community in London including the first CUKRUN Charity Run in Wormwood Scrubs Park in October, 2017.

Club structure

As more people are aware of CUKRUN’s presence, in order to manage the club more efficiently Yizhou introduced the annual subscription club membership and started its weekly training sessions where members can join for free.

CUKRUN’s members come from a variety of backgrounds,including university students and professionals. Its student members consist of undergraduate, postgraduate as well as PhD students, its professional members coming from a wide range of industry including Finance& Accounting, IT, Engineering, Information Technology and Education.

Past events 

Following the success of the first event, CUKRUN organised running events annually, including:


  • CUKRUN Music Fun Run 2018, Wormwood Scrubs Park, London, 21/04/2018
  • CUKRUN 1st Chinese Athletics Games, took place in Finsbury Park Athletics Stadium on 29 September 2018


  • CUKRUN Music Fun Run 2019 in Clapham Common, London on 30/03/2019
  • CUKRUN Colour Run 2019 (to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China) in Wormwood Scrubs Park, London on 28/09/2019


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CUKRUN’s events took mainly online, including the CUKRUN Virtual Charity Run in September 2020 where more than 40 members participated. The 2020 CUKRUN Virtual Charity Run was sponsored by COROS, a multisport GPS watch brand based in the US.

CUKRUN promoted the Shenyang 2020 Virtual Marathon Running Event.

The CUKRUN End of Year 2020 Virtual Half-Marathon Challenge took place between 28/12/2020 and 02/01/2021.

Transforming to a ‘Chinese living in UK’ Networking Platform

Because of the impact of COVID-19, CUKRUN’s weekly running classesdid not operate in full function during 2020. To keep club members engaged, since March 2020 CUKRUN has extended online activities and currently runs several repeating events :

  • CUKRUN Reading Club
  • CUKRUN Fitness classes
  • CUKRUN Weekly Guest Speaker talks

CUKRUN launched the ‘Dream Builders Mentoring Programme’ in September 2020 which aims to connect Chinese students and young professionals (mentees) to their prospective mentors such as, successful professionals or entrepreneurs.

The variety and quality of CUKRUN’s online events attracted hundreds of subscribers. CUKRUN’s registered club members nearly tripled from mid-March to end of 2020.


Social Media Accounts


CUKRUN’s main social media account is a WeChat public account (公众号) under the Chinese name: 跑动英伦.


CUKRUN has a Xiaohongshu account under the Chinese name: 跑动英伦 where it regularly publishes short videos to connect with its social followings.


CUKRUN has its own YouTube channel under the Chinese name: 跑动英伦 where it regularly upload all its online social event videos as well as past running event videos.

Other social flatform:

Instagram, LinkedIn,Bilibli (B站),Tiktok, Douban all under the Chinese name: 跑动英伦



CUKRUN Overview

No of members


2) Demographics / profiles of your members (e.g. mainly professionals in which sectors, age, etc)

70% professionals and entrepreneurs, mainly in financial services

30% students

3) Promotional channels:

WeChat – 3391

Views of WeChat articles – 300-500 on average

We are also on YouTube, Xiaohongshu, Instagram and TikTok.

4) Past speakers – examples – e.g. famous / well known companies

Our speakers include CEOs from companies such as PrivateFly and COROS; Politicians including former consultant to former President Goerge W.H. Bush; Business man such as General Secretary of Digital Education Technology from Alibaba.

On average 30-50 people join our webinars, and we have also arranged and hosted webinars with 100 attendees.

Please see the link for past videos:

5) Where are the members based – all in the UK?

Mostly in the UK, with a small number based in China/UK, North America